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Welcome to Louis-Marc.com
A Statement, from the Artist:

There’s this barber (Arthur Villeneuve) from my hometown that became famous as a naive painter because he compulsively painted ordinary scenes of every day life on the walls of his barber shop, then his whole house, to the chagrin of his un-cooperating wife, who could not stand her beautiful walls stained with this nonsense.

I suffer from the same ailment. As far as I can remember I have had this compulsive desire to draw these useless, aimless and meaningless forms that constitute the essence of my understanding of the world, namely that you can reclaim from life more than life is willing to yield.
In High school my teachers  were asking what my drawings were about . Thirty years later, studying at Emily Carr Institute, I was still being asked: What are these things? What do they represent? Where do they fit in the contemporary practice of visual arts?

Samuel Butler wrote:
                  "For learned Nonsense has a deeper sound
                  Than easy sense, and goes more profound”.

I too hope to bring out the mischievous elements hiden within our personalities.
I aim to trigger the viewer's senses into playful meditation, hopefully challenging the established hierarchical systems that limit our appreciation of the world.

I propose  these plausible “little lies”, keeping in mind this definition I read somewhere, that lies are “dreams caught in the act”.  I’ll keep dreaming, wishing to catch you!

As for the barber, they sawed up his house and rebuilt it in a museum. I guess he got to them, in the end.